Fetish a hole.

Librarian’s wet skirt, used to be khaki

The objects she hides in her sleeves

Pink sweater, cashmere with stains.

Pet obituaries

Jumping naked on the gold love seat with dirty feet

Inherited the gin!

Telling a child to calm down

I provide false reason

Drinks poison

Abandoned the gin!

O-Man, I am the transgendered second son

Drool on the toilet seat

Thin arm

Busted up knuckles

Busted up knuckles

Update your ipod to include more lesbian folk rock

Sticky bird eats a brazilian nut;

dead father figure makes racist comment about brazilian nuts

I vogued you in the ballroom

Melba called.  She despises art students.  Purchased a new tennis skirt, eating a grapefruit in it.

Thin knee, malnourished genitals, mother’s knee got a little wet

kind of like the intellectuals in khaki

and their literature too